What to Expect From BigCommerce SEO Services

Just as you would need a good location on a busy street to make a brick and mortar shop a success, your BigCommerce store will need a prominent location online in order to get any visitors. If you want to increase your traffic online, you’ll need professional Bigcommerce Seo Services to get you there. Many BigCommerce merchants know their industry inside and out, but don’t have the first clue about digital marketing. If you’re shopping around for one, any good eCommerce SEO plan should include some combination of the following.

1.    On page optimization- The ‘optimization’ in search engine optimization. This will be a combination of activities designed to make your pages rank more easily in Google for the search phrases that you decide to target. The activities often include things like, optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, adding heading tags where appropriate, and working on an internal linking network. Imagine this as setting up your shop’s window dressing to make as many people stop and look as possible.

2.    Backlink creation- Working to create a healthy and robust network of backlinks and referring pages is also an essential part of any suite of BigCommerce SEO services. Every SEO firm will have different tactic for spreading your network of backlinks. Often it will involve posting informational content, infographics and press releases in places around the web where the search terms you target are being discussed. Think about this as going around town and posting ads for your business on telephone poles and bulletin boards.

3.    On site content creation- The one thing that Google Search cares about more than anything, is being able to provide users answers to their questions. Therefore, they value websites which create useful informative content highly. An effective SEO plan should not only create this content, but write it with ranking for your particular terms in mind. This should go beyond your blog. Each page on the site needs to be written for as if a possible landing area is for a certain search term. You might equate this to having a team of very informed salesman working your floor, there to answer any question your customer might have.

Just because your BigCommerce store is online doesn’t mean you’ll get visits. Putting it up is not enough, not by along shot. Your business needs to make itself known to survive. BigCommerce SEO services, like the ones described above, are a good start, but you’ll also need to supplement them with other marketing activities, like email, social, and paid search. If you’re interested in seeing what a full suite of digital marketing services looks likeFree Reprint Articles, check out 1Digital Agency’s breakdown on how to get your BigCommerce business noticed.


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