What Aspects Should Have an Ideal HTML Markup?

It is very important to learn about the basic and necessary aspects of an ideal HTML coding as it is the basic part of a web project. Read the major factors of coding which can make a markup “Ideal”.

Thousands of PSD to HTML companies around the world are providing HTML conversion services but you can’t say all of them are providing highest or required quality and ideal HTML markup. Writing a perfect HTML code needs lots of experience and market research for the latest W3C Standards. Usually webmasters are not aware about the standards of an ideal HTML code. Therefore, quite a few freelancers and HTML service providers providing low quality services due to this gap. The purpose of writing this blog is to elaborate what are the standards of an ideal HTML markup.

One should read these points before hiring someone to convert design into HTML code. These points will help non-technical persons to check the standards of perfect coding. Here we go:

Use Proper Divs

Most important point in HTML code is the usage of proper divs as these divs separate the different parts and elements of HTML code. Proper divs help to understand the code structure. That practice is necessary part of W3C valid markup but it doesn’t mean that a coder should use divs for everything.

Heading Elements

An ideal HTML markup contains proper heading elements and only professional HTML coders know the importance of this standard. That standard helps make a HTML markup search engine friendly and meaningful for readers too. For example sequence of Heading tag maters in HTML markup, in an ideal HTML code you will not see the violation of this sequence.

Proper Tags Closing

Experienced coders always close their tags because it is unprofessional to remain open HTML tags and that practice is the biggest hurdle to make HTML code “Ideal”. Therefore closing the HTML tags is most important ingredient with makes HTML markup best.

Alt Tag

Alt tag is for image and it helps in SEO when search engines read images on a website. If Alt attribute is empty it will consider as a drawback of HTML code. So the usage of Alt tag in HTML code can make a markup perfect.

Right Tag for Right Place

It is necessary for best markup to use right tags for right place. For example if a coder wants to display a list he definitely should use UL and Li. Usually low quality HTML service providers don’t keep in mind these kinds of points and think these are minor things but in professional HTML company, it is a big mistake.

Check the W3C Validation

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is the main international standards organization and the pioneer for the World Wide WebArticle Submission, providing a services to check the validation of your HTML code. It is necessary for a best markup that it should get approval from W3C.

These are some core standards which make a HTML markup “ideal”. Hopefully these key points will help non-technical website owners to check the standards of their website’s HTML.


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