Understanding Why an NOC and IT Help Desk are Different

When we look at the world of technology today, we can obviously note how it has affected (rather – taken over) every part of human life. From software programs running our smartphones, to the world of industry and commerce, there is no bigger field today that technology that unifies us all! In these times, companies providing IT support and solutions have themselves become a most important part of the economy. But with IT being such a wide field, many terms tend to confuse clients as to what is being provided in reality.

Indian economy is booming, and there is increasing need of companies to hire an enterprise providing an NOC help desk. However, few understand that an NOC is rather different from a regular IT help desk! To help you choose the right solutions for your company, here are some features that help you understand the difference –

A Network Operations Center (also known as an NOC help desk) is a much larger support and solutions center than compared to the typical IT help desk. By providing a company NOC services, IT enterprise providing these solutions is effectively taking over the entire operations and support related to managing internal and external networks for their client. In this way, the client entirely depends on their vendor for all tasks related to networking support including security, surveillance, monitoring, and communications.

An IT help desk is merely a support center that offers clients (usually third party callers) support for their technology like log in help, user names, passwords, etc. These are also very important services, since many companies do not need the extent of services consolidated under an NOC. If you business does not require excessive networking, a simple IT support center will suffice. The NOC includes solutions ensuring the overall health of your network, with dedicated teams specifically looking into your requirements and operations.

For businesses that use technology on a much larger scale, especially those related to international trade and operations, an NOC help desk becomes vital. Networking is a very complicated field, and the advancements in this field are literally happening on a daily basis. Even if your company can afford to hire a number of experts under your payroll – what about the extension and expansion of your network as your business grows? With a dedicated Network Operations Center managing the tasks, you can do your business hassle free!

In India, international trade requires extensive IT support; and with the rise of internet usage in the country, even domestic markets have been affected by the use of technology. For most businesses, you will need the solutions of a dependable IT help desk to manage operations. If your business involves managing a larger network with multiple points of communication – you will need to look for a company to provide you a more extensive NOC help desk!


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