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The tech industry has opened up a whole host of entrepreneurs over the years. Countless amounts of people have taken technology and used it to their advantage to profit massively from it. Whether that technology be a mobile application, software, hardware perhaps, or by changing the whole way we communicate with one another.

To put it frankly; technology has allowed for so many entrepreneurs to become excited and invigorated and allowed businesses to evolve out of bedrooms and garages.

This is awesome, isn’t it?! The words ‘Tech’ and ‘Entrepreneur’ sit so well with each other and they practically come hand in hand.

Perhaps you reading this are in a similar situation. Perhaps you are either sitting on an idea and wanting to get started, or perhaps your tech project is well under way and you are looking at ways to launch it into the public domain.

For any entrepreneur to be successful, they have to have a business mind. They have to be able to register their thoughts into a pathway that can eventually become an income generating business.

If you look back on all of the successful ideas in the tech world practically EVER, is the entrepreneur’s willingness and ability to SELL.

Selling is a skill that few get to practice, but a useful skill all the same. To be able to sell not only helps you to put your ideas across but can also help entrepreneurs to get the funding they want from investors but can eventually help you to sell your idea to the public and to start making money!

Sales is not how many people perceive it to be. Many people have an idea in their head that sales people are sleazy, and that sales is a dirty word. But without selling – no entrepreneur can ever be successful.

So, the question remains: how can someone obtain sales skills without ever working in sales?

Just like any skill in the world, sales take practice. Sales take studying. And an awful lot of trial and error. And yet to build the foundations for successful selling can be quite easy when you can put the time and effort into it.

Amazon Bestselling Author Robert Spence has pieced together a book containing all of the skills you will need to take your tech project and turn it into a profitable business. In his book, The Paragon Mindset, Robert guides you through every stage of the sales process from prospecting all the way through to closing – and everything in between. In terms of helping your business become a success; this book is this best way to start!

If you take a look at many of the tech giants now – or perhaps the startups springing up all over the world you will notice an ever-present trend; there is always a leader selling the brand. Selling the idea. Selling the concept.

Perhaps now it is time to change your tact and develop your skills as a sales person and to take your tech entrepreneurship to the next level!

The Paragon Mindset will provide the tools, tricks and tips to sell more; all taken from his successful sales career and in-depth studying!

You can order a copy HERE Amazon!

We look forward to hearing how your business takes off!


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