PSD To XHTML- Its Various Benefits

Today the whole world has become technosavy and almost all the aspects of our life is being dominated by the internet. Whether be it education, information, jobs, shopping etc everybody seems to depend it more upon internet. At the mean time the competition has become a very tough one. In order to survive in this competitive market a website must be well designed and a user friendly one.

One of the most important aspects of a web development project, which influences the performance of a website, is the PSD to XHTML conversion. These means converting the PSD based designs to suitable markup languages so that a website can be launched in a browser successfully. These conversions guarantees cross browser compatibility.

Its features –

  • W3C compliance
  • Semantic coding
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Hand coded markup

These conversions bring benefits vividly for the various companies, individuals and web design professionals.

Here are the various benefits how it helps the companies –

  • Cost saving- It is achieved due to a number of reasons, including economies of scale typical for special purpose, highly tailored companies like PSD to HTML providers.
  • Access to the best of XHTML/CSS coding practices, design to HTML conversion requires specific skills and knowledge. It is especially true when it comes to W3C standards compliance, semantic coding, cross browser compatibility and other modern requirements to website markups
  • Better mark up quality
  • These Conversion results for time decreasing
  • Total project turnaround improvement
  • Easy and fast assistance in the periods of overloads
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • More efficiency and flexibility in revenue producing activities
  • Better business focus

Benefits for web design professionals –

  • No need to learn in detail about HTML/CSS/XHTML/AJAX  etc
  • No need to bother how to solve different markup problems
  • More time and energy for design, promotion and for recreation
  • Opportunity to gain more money

Benefits for individuals –

  • Professional look and feel of your website or blog sites
  • Speed optimized markup- users and search engines prefer quick websites
  • W3C validity
  • Table less templates and themes


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