Organize Web Pages In A Search Engine Crawler Friendly Manner

Part of SEO involves organizing your web content in such a way that it’s easy for the search crawlers to locate all the content.

When you have a well structured and well organized site, the search bots will be able to discover all the content quickly and index them. That will lead to an increase in web traffic.

The trouble that search crawlers face is that they sometimes have difficulty locating pages that are deep in a web page’s organizational structure. A deep crawl is required to discover such content and deep crawls tend to take a much longer time. Here is how you can ensure that all your web pages be found quickly in a deep crawl.

Tip 1: Use static text links. – Instead of using fanciful scripting languages for your links, just use a little basic HTML static links. These links are easy to identify and locate and crawlers love them.

Tip 2: Avoid Flash and Javascript. – Flash menus and javascript drop down menus are commonly used on web pages. Advanced search crawlers can still discover the links, but why take the risk? There are far too many search bots on the Internet that still depend on static links to discover content.

Tip 3: Use folders. – Use folders to help organize your content. For instance, all images go in the “images” folder, and all articles go in the “articles” folder and so on. This makes it easy for search bots to identify content type.

Tip 4: Use a tree structure. – There are far too many ways you can organize your links but the best way to do is to use the tree structure. You start from the homepage, and then link downwards to your 2nd level folders, then your 3rd level folders and so on. As the search bot returns to discover more content, it will go deeper and deeper and discover all the links.

Tip 5: Use sitemaps. – If your site content goes deeper than 3 levels, use a sitemap. A sitemap lists all the web pages on your web page and search bots never have to figure out where the content is. They just have to discover the sitemap, and then crawl all the links. You can also manually submit sitemaps to google search engines. To do that, you need to create website owner accounts with the google search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo allow website owners to do that.

Tip 6: Neat and simple. – FinallyComputer Technology Articles, always try to keep things neat and simple on your web page. Create a main navigation menu made up of static links. These links connect to important pages on your web page – e.g. top categories. Then make sure that you internal pages link to one other. Using this simple structure will assist search bots to index content faster on your web page.


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