It’s not Marketing Without Social Media

There has been a long and bumpy road for social media marketing to arrive where it’s at today. Numerous attempts have been made to downplay the role social media has in the physical (or financial world) but time and again it’s proven that just a little bit of traction in the social sphere can make intense ripples in whatever industry it sets its sights on.

Whether you are talking high profile incidents like the recent PewDiePie debacle, or simply case studies where a business of three people was able to break $50,000 a month using only Pinterest, the ability of social media to affect outside spheres has yet to be measured to its limit.

Marketing, way back in the long forgotten year of 2010, was still focusing primarily on traditional avenues with which to talk to consumers. The online marketing strategy of today is almost incomprehensible to marketers who thrived only a decade or two before. Companies like Social Panda who are providing continually updated SEO services and web design & development have entirely changed the landscape for accruing new revenue.

When you look at the cost/result ratio for a good online marketing strategy, it’s hard to deny that social media is now an integral part of how savvy businesses communicate with their consumers. Social media marketing not only costs very little (although it can be difficult to do right) its results can be nearly limitless with the right content. Even in the golden age of television, the best commercials could only reach those that were tuned in at that time. For example, take a fairly benign case like the trailer for the upcoming movie Birth of the Dragon. Its clear word of mouth and the ability for instant viewership of the trailer at any time, has pushed them into a distribution deal before they even had a chance to show up at their first film festival.

Yes, SEO services and web design & development will always play a role in presenting a business the correct way to its target market. But it is social media that has truly found the future in driving traffic. That leads one to ask, “what is a marketing strategy without social media marketing?”

Businesses both large and small should begin to cultivate their audiences and connect with them in novel ways through the myriad of avenues now available. To do so correctly could mean exponential growth. To fail to do so could mean a competitor takes your place over the course of a weekend. It may sound dramatic, but that is the reality that has come to bear itself in the last few years. You see companies live and die by single tweets alone these days. To downplay that relevance is done so at your risk.

I took the easy route and invested in a company tailored to deal with such complications. I’m admittedly a little too old to learn all the nuances of the new mediums, but I know that outsourcing to those that make it a business was the right choice. From my perspective, either you take it upon yourself to learn how to handle the constantly evolving landscape of social mediaFree Articles, or you hire those who can.


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