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Education has changed vastly since we were young. Classes that we were taught when we were young have disappeared. Subjects that we grew up so passionate about have now vanished from the syllabus only to be replaced with new topics and subjects that we will have never heard of as kids. 

This is good news though; to be able to constantly adapt and evolve our learning is what stands us apart as a species and will only benefit our younger generation as a whole as they grow up in this new and exciting world. 

One new subject you or may not have heard of is ‘coding’. 

If coding is completely new to you, or perhaps your experience of it is limited please do allow me for a second or two to break it down slightly.  On a very basic level, coding is the language in which we use to talk with computers. It is the language that is used to build and run websites and apps, video games too. So, put simply, to learn code allows the ability to communicate with computers and all that go with computers. 

I am sure you will agree with me on this; computers are common place now in every household and in every educational establishment up and down the country. When I was at school, there were perhaps just one or two computers (if you were lucky) located at the back of the library or tucked away somewhere. They were not connected to any form of network and only allowed for the most basic of programs. In fact, there was only one child in our neighbourhood whom was lucky to own a computer and we would all head on over there to play around with it from time to time. However, in this digital age, computers are very common place. Let’s face it, we all carry computers around in our pockets – that’s right, smart phones. Our phones in theory are just very tiny computers. In fact, I heard recently that the technology used to power the phone in your pocket equates to a higher level of technology that was used to first send man to the moon!

With there being a wider range of access to computers now available and this looks set to grow, the importance of our children to communicate (by learning the right language) with computers will become more and more relevant as we move throughout this digital age. 

And this means that the job market is going to change and be more geared towards technical and computing jobs. According to recent statistics released by STEM education stats, 71% of all new jobs in STEM are computing. Instead of the earlier fears some had stating; “our jobs are being stolen by robots!” we need to know consider that our jobs will become to create, make or service robots. 

So now we understand what coding is and talked briefly about why coding is going to be important for our children, it is time to look a bit more deeply into the reasons why teaching your child coding is a good idea, and why it can benefit them so much. 

Here are our five top reasons why your child should learn to code:

Programming allows children to understand the world around them. 

We are now surrounded by computers, smart phones, smart watches, smart fridges – you name it, everything is now ‘smart’. Kids and young adults are also now spending more time communicating online as opposed to communicating offline. Allowing your child to learn code helps them to understand how all of these technological elements work and will give them a greater understanding of what Is going on around them. 

Coding improves problem solving. 

When coding a computer or a piece of software, the majority of the time the engineer is simply problem solving. You have to have the ability to discover problems and think of exciting ways to find solutions to these problems and write code that will ensure the problem no longer exists. 

Coding is fun!

There is no greater feeling than completing that crossword, or finishing that puzzle, right? The same can be said for coding. The ability to code allows you to literally create absolutely anything that your mind can think of. One of the very early things I ever coded was a simple calculator on a desktop. It was basic, but it worked. And I tell you what, when I got it working, it was the most amazing feeling ever! All of a sudden, I LOVED maths and I wanted to put my calculator through its paces for days on end. 

It is this same feeling of achievement your child can have when it comes to coding too. 

Coding allows for greater creativity.

As mentioned earlier, coding allows you or your child the ability to create absolutely anything that your imagination can think of. If you want to create a video game with your face in it; you can do that. If you want to create an app that allows you to send your location to your parents; you can do that. No matter what you can think of, with the right problem solving and persistence you can do it.

Programmers are the future of our digital world. 

Demand for computing jobs is on the rise already. As the years go by and technology becomes more advanced then this will only continue to rise. Learning to code will allow your child to have a higher chance of finding a relevant job when they are older and will give them a greater advantage over those whom cannot code. 

Coding has truly become a vital skill that will only increase throughout time. We are in a world of change in which technology is leading the way. However the fact remains that someone still needs to communicate with technology, and someone needs to programme and tell computers what to do – that someone, with the right coding language knowledge could quite possibly be your child.


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