How BigCommerce Integration Can Help Your Business

Customers are becoming more likely to turn to their computer to purchase something new rather than get in their car and go to the physical store. This creates a higher volume of traffic coming to various eCommerce businesses, which can create a host of problems for their websites if they aren’t properly supported. This is where Bigcommerce Integration can prepare your business for increased growth.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce web platform that can reliably back the hundreds to thousands of online orders your eCommerce sees every day. It provides an encompassing solution to every online store’s problem.

Why Should I Consider BigCommerce Integration?

First, and most importantly, BigCommerce can bring more traffic to your site with advanced marketing and SEO features. When a potential customer is searching for a product similar to yours through Google, BigCommerce has a feature that inserts an advertisement for your product in their search results. And not only does it have best-in-class SEO features, but BigCommerce integration will sync your store’s data to the leading email marketing platforms to ensure a successful email campaign to increase return customers.

Secondly, and almost as important, BigCommerce will help increase the number of visitors to your site that become actual buyers. A poorly designed site, or one that doesn’t have a streamlined experience, can frustrate a visitor out of buying something. BigCommerce will help create a sense of flow to your website that will lead a visitor right to their shopping cart button.

BigCommerce will also aid in the analysis of your business; with features such as BigCommerce Insights, you will be provided with recommendations that can boost your revenue up to 25%. Analysis reports provided by BigCommerce include order trends, buyer’s behavior, conversion rate, inventory optimization, and more!

And lastly, the BigCommerce platform will help you seamlessly sync your sales in person, in the eCommerce marketplace, on social media, and globally. BigCommerce fully integrates with Square, to allow you to track the sales you make in person. It also integrates with Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce marketplaces to take advantage of the millions of daily shoppers traveling to those websites. BigCommerce can help integrate your business into social media by providing built-in selling on both Facebook and Pinterest. Last but not least, BigCommerce can ensure your global customers will be happy by providing features like international payment and native language support.

At 1 Digital Agency, we are committed to nurturing your online business through the entirety of the development process, from aiding in the conception of an idea all the way to pushing the creating to its full potential. We believe that if we do our job correctly, your eCommerce design will be working so well that you won’t be aware it’s working at all, and we are highly skilled in using all eCommerce development platforms, including BigCommerce. While we have worked with countless eCommerce storesScience Articles, each new customer is unique and receives individualized attention and design. Contact us for a consultation today for a consultation!


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