Have multiple images to rotate between as background on Windows 10

If you’re getting bored with your old background image on your computer, you can add a new one – and as a matter of fact, you can add lots of them, and rotate between them, to make life a whole lot more interesting, so let’s take a look at how to set this up!

  1. Create a new folder on your computerIn this folder, you’ll place all the images you want to rotate between. Create this folder wherever you’d like, with whatever name you prefer, the only thing that matter is that you can locate it easily.
  2. Add the images you want to rotate between to this folderIn my case, I’ve created a folder with the name Backgrounds, and in it I’ve placed four backgrounds that I want to rotate between:

  3. Go to Personlization in the Settings on your computerHold the Windows-key on your keyboard while clicking to open Settings, when you’re there, click Personlization:

  4. In Background, select Slideshow under BackgroundClick the default setting you’ve got under Background (marked square red):

    Now select Slideshow in the list:

  5. Browse for the folder you created with backgrounds and add itClick on Browse:

    Locate the folder, and click Choose this folder:

    If the button is grayed out, just click the folder in the route and it should get activated:

Adjust settings

When you’ve selected the folder and added it, you can change how long it’ll take before the rotation happens, you can also choose to shuffle, to get the background images in random order.

Also, if you got background images in different sizes (which I would HIGHLY suggest for you to change, cause it looks terrible), you can also choose how to fit them, if you want them all a specific way.


Article source: https://theradelk.com/post/have-multiple-images-to-rotate-between-as-background-on-windows-10


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