Importance of Coding

30th October 2018 Rob Spence 0

Education has changed vastly since we were young. Classes that we were taught when we were young have disappeared. Subjects that we grew up so passionate about have now vanished from the syllabus only to […]


The Paragon Mindset

21st September 2018 Rob Spence 0

The tech industry has opened up a whole host of entrepreneurs over the years. Countless amounts of people have taken technology and used it to their advantage to profit massively from it. Whether that technology […]


Adding Value To Your Sale

29th May 2017 Rob Spence 0

I hate discounts. Whoa, wait a moment. OK  – Let me re word that. I don’t want to lie to you. I love receiving discounts. Who doesn’t?! We all love having 10% off an item […]