3 Paramount Reasons Responsive Design Can Help You with SEO

Responsive web design is a revolutionary solution for anyone, whether it’s a website Design Company in India or a freelance web designer in any part of the world. It allows the designer to reconstruct the appearance of a website to suit various screen sizes and all digital devices like desktop, smartphones and TV, without losing out on the content and the quality of the website.

Although functionality and ease of usability are the two strongest forte of responsive web design, it also benefits the SEO campaign of the website. SEO as we all know stands for search engine optimization and it plays a major part in determining the success of the website and the corresponding brand.

Even Google has recommended and prioritized responsive web design as a preferred method for ranking since mobile-friendly websites will rank higher those which aren’t.

Here are a few tips which highlight how responsive design can benefit SEO.

But before that, how are the websites optimized for mobile?

Mainly there are 2 types of optimizations: one is a responsive website and the other a dedicated mobile-only website. Mobile-only websites are easily identifiable if you look for “m.” at the start of the URL. While a way to check if a website is responsive is to see if the website opens similarly across devices.

Alright, now let’s look into how responsive design can assist SEO:

Improved Content Management

Here is where the magic happens. Typically if there is a dedicated mobile website with a separate URL (starting with “m.”), Google scans both the websites separately in case a user is conducting a search. This makes indexing complicated and also the runs the risk of duplicate or inaccurate results. Google would surely like to avoid this scenario. Also, it becomes easier for Google to index and pull up information from one universal site instead of 2 separate URLs with responsive web page.

Link Building

For any major SEO campaign, an on-page as well as an off-page SEO strategy is required. The on-page elements can be handled with the use of relevant content and the off-page elements primarily consist of a network of backlinks. With a responsive design, the code base and resources are shared commonly which allow the links to be compatible on all devices. If the links are not responsive-ready, you could be losing out on the mobile referral traffic. One more added advantage of a responsive mobile website is that link sharing becomes easier across platforms without hampering the UX.

Reduced Bounce Rates

2015 has seen more mobile users than desktop users, i.e. the number of mobile users have surpassed the number of desktop users. If your website does not support mobile devices, you are mostly likely to experience high bounce rates.

When a SEO campaign starts the first thing to do is to optimize the website to be responsive. Even if your bounce rate is low and the website is not responsiveFree Articles, you need to make it so as soon as possible as pages that aren’t mobile-friendly tend to experience higher bounce rates. You can contact one of the best SEO Company in India to get a free quote as per your requirement.


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